Best Male R&B

1st Jordan Michaels-519 Votes

2nd Prophacy- 300 Votes

3rd Taggiz-293 Votes

4th Hellz Flame-288 Votes

5th Cameo Holiday-270 Votes

Best Female Group

Best Male Artist

Best Male Group

1st King Iso

2nd Stolks G

3rd Prophacy

4th Sean P.

5th Fifty Kal

6th Dominique Morgan

7th Nikko McFadden

1st Most Wanted-319 Votes

2nd Pocket Pete, Champ da Hillbilly, L-Mac’n and Kool-Aid- 290 Votes

3rdGrown Kidz.-255 Votes

4th Jump Out Squad-233 Votes

5th Winner’s Circle-224 Votes

Best Female Artist

Chiffy & Thru da Roof-691 Votes

Black Widow-575 Votes

Prototype X-570 Votes

Sex is a Weapon-478 Votes

Recess-446 Votes

Doezha Ladies-376 Votes



Best Female R&B

1st Jazzy

2nd Brandi Lee

3rd Mz Newbraska

4th Kiki Williams

5th Tamara Barber

Person of the Year

1st Terrence Crawford-432 Votes

2nd Prophacy- 238 Votes

3rd Houston Alexander-158 Votes

4th Harold Monday-182 Votes

5th Dave Blackman-164 Votes

6th Jimmy Hooligan-131 Votes

1st Chiffy Wallace

2nd Ladii Lucci

3rd Shannon Marie

4th Shi Shi Sakari

5th Brandi Lee

Best Model

Best Dance (Hip Hop)

1st Brianna White-839 Votes

2nd O.NE Crew- 833 Votes

3rd Rubix Crew -810 Votes

4th Unusual Suspects-221 Votes

5th Baby Rockers-TBD

Best Radio Station


1st 95.7 FM The Boss

2nd Power 106.9 FM

3rd Hot 107.7 FM

4th 1690 AM The One

5th The River 89.7 F

Best Director 

1st Vado Films-847 Votes

2nd Bizzness Films- 597 Votes

3rd Aaron Gum-241 Votes

4th Future D Films-234 Votes

5th Chantella Wallace-220 Votes

6th Sean P. Visuals-190 Votes

1st "Prophacy" by Prophacy-

2nd “The Decision”

3rd “Geneius”

4th “Cocaine”

5th “ Dead or Alive”

Best Original Album

1st Quanisha Stewart-449 Votes

2nd Tisha Marie- 232 Votes

3rd Jasmine Reed-411 Votes

3rd Lola Coka-390 Votes

4th Destiny Meeks-347 Votes

5th Quanisha Stewart-299 Votes

6th Lianna Rain-290 Votes

Best Regional Artist

1st Chiffy-597 Votes

2nd Stolks G- 415 Votes

3rd Nikko Mcfadden-258 Votes

4th Prophacy-242 Votes

5th K-SO-224 Votes

5th Hellz Flame-224 Votes

Best Model 

Lola Coka-449 Votes

Destiny Meeks aka Destiny Diamond-411 Votes

Brianna White-390 Votes

Cherry Berry-347 Votes

Quanisha Stewart -299 Votes

Lianna Rain-290 Votes

Nykia Washington-231 Votes

Brandie Copeland-207 Votes

Basha Da Body-190 Votes


Best Producer

1st King ISO-473 Votes

2nd Big Wade- 271 Votes

3rd Smurph Music-213 Votes

4th Mo Smoove-206 Votes

5th D-Boy the Beast-181 Votes

Best Photography

1st Terrence Tryon-431 Votes

2nd DJ Vado- 238 Votes

3rd Jimmy Conover-158 Votes

4th Bizzy B.-182 Votes

5th MG Photography-164 Votes

6th Sean P. Visuals-131 Votes

Promoter of the Year

1st Bacon the Small Town General-315 Votes

2nd Feez McKnight- 310 Votes

3rd Harold Monday-305 Votes

4th Pain Management Inc-288 Votes

5th 1% Productions-238 Votes

Best Music Video

1st "Hands up Don't Shoot" by King James-299 Votes

2nd “Lonely Lullaby” by Nikko McFadden- 241 Votes

3rd “God King by TKO”-216 Votes

4th “Feels Like Monte Carlo by Jaeyrell”-207 Votes

5th “Pose to be Homies by Murk”-193 Votes

6th “High Thoughts” by Bigg P Da Beast-163 Votes

Best Latin Artist

1st Latin Threat-743 Votes

2nd Thizz Latin (Omaha)- 548 Votes

3rd Guerilla X-286 Votes

4th Billy Dha Kid-485 Votes

5th Stylo Da Don-266 Votes

Best New Artist

1st Bigg P Da Beast-431 Votes

2nd Stolks G- 238 Votes

3rd Mike Bama-158 Votes

4th Wizdum-182 Votes

5th Sean P.-164 Votes

6th Dylan Carter-131 Votes

7th Tamara Barber-119 Votes

Best Original Song

1st "Have Mercy"-Latin Threat-192 Votes

2nd “My Everything and All”- 183 Votes

3rd “Back to My Roots”-163 Votes

4th “Been There Done That”-154 Votes

5th “Weekend”-151 Votes

6th “Addicted”-150 Votes

Best Hip Hop Venue

1st Dave Blackman "The Hideout"-431 Votes

2nd The Waiting Room- 238 Votes

3rd Rhythmz Lounge-158 Votes

4th Soho Lounge-182 Votes

5th The Bourbon Theatre-164 Votes

6th Slowdown-131 Votes

DJ Year of the Year

1st DJ Ebabbs-379 Votes

2nd Mista Soull- 307 Votes

3rd DJ Hotboy-306 Votes

4th DJ Shor-T.-301 Votes

5th Houston Alexander-197 Votes

Battle of the Year

(Central Battle Association)


Eddie Monster VS. JR Asassyn

Battle Rapper of the Year (Cental Battle Association)


Saint Mic


Best Mixtape

1st "The Message" by Bigg P Da Beast-255 Votes

2nd “Uncomprehendable… by Stolks G”- 233 Votes

3rd “God King” by TKO-213 Votes

4th “Lead Your Dreams” by Sean P.-210 Votes

5th “Menace to Society” by .40 Cal-201 Votes

Best Clothing Brand

1st Goodlife Clothing-431 Votes

2nd Milk the Game- 238 Votes

3rd J.Reed Collection-158 Votes

4th Stay Fresh-182 Votes

5th F.U.N. Wear-164 Votes

6th Legalized Rebellion-131 Votes

2014 -2015 Omaha Hip Hop Awards Top Results

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