2013 -2014 Omaha Hip Hop Awards Top Results


Best Male Group

Best Music Video

Taggiz-519 Votes

Montrell Johnson-300 Votes

Jordan Michaels-293 Votes

Johnny Lowe-288 Votes

Big Wade-270 Votes

Toot Brown-242 Votes

Dominique Morgan-239 Votes

Cameo Holiday-233 Votes

Sir Gio D.-212 Votes

Joey Ashby-199 Votes

Hellz Flame-196 Votes

Kiare New Breed-79 Votes

Best Male R&B

Best Male Artist

Murk-455 Votes

NZ Tante-210 Votes

Ill Child-184 Votes

Trev Taylor-146 Votes

Jimmy Hooligan-145 Votes

Montrell Johnson-128 Votes

King Kliff-125 Votes

Taggiz-118 Votes

Jayy Topp-101 Votes

Sir Gio D.-89 Votes

Bacon Da Smalltown General-80 Votes

D-Lo Giovanni-79 Votes

Tevvo the Great-75 Votes

Kontages-73 Votes

Big Mista-68 Votes

Latin Threat-63 Votes

Johnny Lowe-56 Votes

AK Gunna-54 Votes

Dominique Morgan-53 Votes

Lite Pole-52 Votes

Hellz Flame-48 Votes

Jaime J Longoria-47 Votes

Ellmatiq P-Tro-44 Votes

Delreece-44 Votes

Danny Che-44 Votes

Galvanized Tron-44 Votes

AK Chrome-43 Votes

Trendz-42 Votes

Prophacy-40 Votes

K-So-39 Votes

Cameo Holiday-38 Votes

Lon Meezy-35 Votes

20 Grand-33 Votes

Pocket Pete-33 Votes

Player Dee-30 Votes

Stylo-29 Votes

Big B.-27 Votes

Sir Skrapy-26 Votes

TaeBo-25 Votes

Scru Face Jean-21 Votes

No Gud the S.I.M.P.-19 Votes

Kiare New Breed-18 Votes

Jay Money-18 Votes

Boba Lue-17 Votes

Pflames-15 Votes

Guerilla X-15 Votes

Caboose-14 Votes

I.S.O.-14 Votes

Nicka T-14 Votes

Young Votta-9 Votes

Shannon Marie-535 Votes

Shi Shi Sakari-435 Votes

Ladii Lucci-349 Votes

Chiffy-300 Votes

Mz Newbraska-268 Votes

Midwest Princess-245 Votes

J. Reed Ma’at-239 Votes

Jazzy-235 Votes

Nina Law-173 Votes

Liz Graham-158 Votes

Vashauna Evans-106 Votes

LaGhe-56 Votes


Best Female Artist

Best New Artist


Murk-431 Votes

Nz Tante-238 Votes

Jayy Topp-182 Votes

Montrell Johnson-164 Votes

Caveman Gang-131 Votes

Joey Ashby-119 Votes

HB Ross118 Votes

Emeka-118 Votes

Lucid-117 Votes

Jake Rippa Sten-114 Votesner

Shook On3-106 Votes

Citoe-98 Votes

Trev Taylor-91 Votes

Triple Threat-83 Votes

Jordan Michaels-80 Votes

Greco-80 Votes

Jonny Knogood-79 votes

Jaime J Longoria-78 votes

Insane-73 Votes

Black Widow-70 votes

TKO-68 votes

Hellz Flame-64 Votes

Rece Beast-59 Votes

Midwest Princess-51 Votes

Stretch Doggn-48 Votes

Lite Pole-48 Votes

Vashauna Evans-45 Votes

Brisx-41 Votes

TaeBo-39 Votes

20 Grand-36 Votes

Jay R.-34 Votes

K3rtis-31 Votes

M-80-30 Votes

Sizzle Luchiano-29 Votes

LB the Minnesota Kidd-29 Votes

Big B.-29 Votes

J-Swagga-27 Votes

PY Jelly-25 Votes

Sir Gio D.-25 Votes

Yung Tek-25 Votes

Yung Steez-24 Votes

Stoney-23 Votes

Espionazh-23 Votes

Teflon Ca$h-22 Votes

Blue Guerrilla Rush-20 Votes

Sideways 8-18 Votes

Caboose-17 Votes

Northside Quil-16 Votes

Sunday Young-15 Votes

Atilli-14 Votes

Jzimm-8 Votes

Laghe Music-5 Votes

F.U.N. Gang-319 Votes

R Style-290 Votes

Murk Squad and Insane (MSM)-255 Votes

Cave Man Gang-233 Votes

Tripple Threat-224 Votes

Jump Out Squad-152 Votes

Troublesome Two-142 Votes

Trevor Taylor and Travis Lee-136 Votes

AKAP Gang-122 Votes

Black Diamond Mafia-118 Votes

Hustle Hard Ent-112 Votes

Dem Get it Boiz-110 Votes

Stack N Grip-101 Votes

Sota House-99 Votes

We Are Major Boys-97 Votes

Lyrical Front-96 Votes

Grown Kids-94 Votes

The Beatnicks-93 Votes

Angel Gang-87 Votes

Toppas Wit Choppas-86 Votes

Block Burna Boyz-81 Votes

One Guerrilla Nation-65 Votes

Ceeded and Po Boy-61 Votes

Blak Ribbon-54 Votes

Zone EZ-49 Votes

Extended Clip Gang-48 Votes

Melaza Music Inc-39 Votes

Kill The Youth-36 Votes

Last Word Clique-32 Votes

Best Female Group

Chiffy & Thru da Roof-691 Votes

Black Widow-575 Votes

Prototype X-570 Votes

Sex is a Weapon-478 Votes

Recess-446 Votes

Doezha Ladies-376 Votes



Best Regional Artist

Nz Tante-597 Votes

Nikko Mcfadden-415 Votes

Tripple Threat-294 Votes

Midwest Princess-242 Votes

Scru Face Jean—224 Votes

Joey Ashby-224 Votes

Trevor Taylor-191 Votes

Lil Saint-175 Votes

Black Widow-170 Votes

Hellz Flame-143 Votes

Dymondz-107 Votes

E-Nutt-106 Votes

M-80-91 Votes

Yung Steez-89 Votes

Fieldhouse-64 Votes

Brown-52 Votes

Jesse Bachmann-42 Votes

Nz Tante “Struggle”-299 Votes

Shannon Marie-“Phuck You”-241 Votes

Murk “All I Do”-216 Votes

Shi Shi Sakari-“Batshit Crazy”-207 Votes

Nz Tante-“Call it Jordan”-193 Votes

King Kliff-“Product of Poison”-163 Votes

F.U.N. Gang-“We Got All The Hoes”-130 Votes

HB Ross-“Facedown”-119 Votes

Troublesome Two-“1800 Suicide”-113 Votes

Johnny Lowe “What I Need”-110 Votes

Shook On3 and Galvanized Tron-“Freak in Me”-101 Votes

Trevor Taylor “Yesterday”-98 Votes

Johnny Knogood “No Justice No Peace”-91 Votes

Dominique Morgan “Do You Remember”-90 Votes

AK Gunna “Nothing for Me”-85 Votes

Shi Shi Sakari “Dope”-80 Votes

Trev Taylor “Camera Phone Centerfold”-78 Votes

Galvanized Tron “Bar 4 Bar”-61 Votes

Reddy Red “I’m From Nebraska”-55 Votes

TaeBo “Bounce”-54 Votes

Purveyors of Conscious Sound “Super Nova Stature”-38 Votes

Brown-“The Real Husker Anthem”-37 Votes

Pflames “In the Mood”-36 Votes

Young Votta “Pink Panther”-21 Votes

Fieldhouse “Bang Out”-21 Votes

Fieldhouse “Waddlin”-10 Votes

Best Director 

DJ Vado (Vado Films)-847 Votes

Bizzy B-597 Votes

Infinite Studios-241 Votes

James Kriha-234 Votes

Christiann Gilchrist-220 Votes

Aaron Gum-190 Votes

Jordan Riggs-123 Votes

Miguel Cedillo-121 Votes

Shawn P Visuals-99 Votes

Jeremy Partridge-98 Votes

Carl McCullough-92 Votes

Broonamite Films-67 Votes


DJ Year of the Year

DJ Hotboy-379 Votes

DJ Vado-307 Votes

DJ Mista Soull-306 Votes

DJ Bizzy B-301 Votes

DJ Big O.-197 Votes

DJ Shor-T-183 Votes

Surreal the Emcee-156 Votes

DJ Scottie Pimpin-136 Votes

DJ Kamikaze-120 Votes

DJ P2K-105 Votes

DJ Real-104 Votes

DJ J.B.-76 Votes

DJ D-Luv-72 Votes

DJ La Rue-70 votes

DJ Jpeg-66 Votes

DJ ReRe-64 Votes

DJ Stoney-62 Votes

DJ E.Babbs-60 Votes

DJ Animale-43 Votes

Promoter of the Year

Disorderly Conduct-315 Votes

F.U.N. Gang-310 Votes

Best Yett Ent-305 Votes

Harold Monday-288 Votes

VIBE Nebraska-238 Votes

S.W.A.G. Ent-219 Votes

Hardknocks Ent-211 Votes

Chantella Wallace-146 Votes

Johnny Chavez-139 Votes

Ellmatiq P-Tro-127 Votes

Dortch Boy-117 Votes

Kamyra Lee-115 Votes

Thru Da Roof-109 Votes

Carrie Dowd-101 Votes

Angello Bion Flint-94 Votes

HLN Productions-83 Votes

Danell Taylor (Small Guy Promotions)-77 Votes

Danny Che and Compton Fonzo -76 Votes

Steve Jones-74 Votes

Dave Campbell-70 Votes

Shana Dowd-69 Votes

Tazmik One-64 Votes

Best Producer

Big Wade-473 Votes

Rick James-271 Votes

Alfonzo Jones-213 Votes

Infinite Loops-206 Votes

Wendall Johnson-181 Votes

Mo Smoove -180 Votes

Taebo-163 Votes

S.S. “The Producer”-155 Votes

Digital Monsters-154 Votes

Aaron Gum-143 Votes

Smurph Music-121 Votes

Pflames-112 Votes

Marcey Yates aka Op2mus-101 Votes

Jeremy Garrett-96 Votes

ISO aka Reali-T-79 Votes

Britton Wood-75 Votes

Thee Lonius Monk-70 Votes

Bunson and Beaker Beats-58 Votes

Atilli-49 Votes


Best Dance (Hip Hop)

Brianna White-939 Votes

O.NE Crew-833 Votes

Rubix Crew-810 Votes

Deonte’ Bennet-221 Votes

Best Model 

Lola Coka-449 Votes

Destiny Meeks aka Destiny Diamond-411 Votes

Brianna White-390 Votes

Cherry Berry-347 Votes

Quanisha Stewart -299 Votes

Lianna Rain-290 Votes

Nykia Washington-231 Votes

Brandie Copeland-207 Votes

Basha Da Body-190 Votes


Best Original Song

Product of Poison” by King Kliff-192 Votes

“Call it Jordan” by Nz Tante-183 Votes

“All I Do” by Murk-163 Votes

“Rockstar” by Emeka Ft. Sir Gio D.-154 Votes

“Face Down” by HB Ross-151 Votes

“Fuck Love” by Dominique Morgan-150 Votes

“The Struggle” by Nz Tante-143 Votes

“Take Control” by Chiffy-141 Votes

“Déjà vu” by Montrell Johnson-134 Votes

“Carmelo” by Murk-126 Votes

“Yesterday” by Trevor Taylor-109 Votes

“What I Need” by Johnnny Lowe-101 Votes

“Omaha Cypher or Cypha by Various Artists-98 Votes

“You Cant Run” by Big Wade-96 Votes

“No Justice No Peace” by Jonny Knogood ft. Lite Pole-87 Votes

“WTF” by Mr. White and Digga DJ-80 Votes

“Sick of Being Tired” by Shook On3-72 Votes

“Camera Phone Centerfold” by Trevor Taylor-67 Votes

“Like Elements” by Danny Che Ft. Killa Priest-64 Votes

“The Original Husker Anthem” by Chiffy-63 Votes

“Hero in You” by Guerrilla X-56 Votes

“Respect Me” by Precious Franklin-49 Votes

“What U Tellin Me” by Sir Skrapy-45 Votes

“Invisible” by Big B.-35 Votes

“Bang Out” by Fieldhouse-32 Votes

“The Husker Anthem” by Brown-31 Votes

“Supernova Stature” by Purveyors of Conscious Sound-28 Votes

“Supposed to be That” by DJ Stoney-23 Votes

“Slo Dance” by Sir Gio D. ft. Tae Calip-10 Votes


Best Mixtape

“Shannon This Shannon That” by Shannon Marie-255 Votes

“I’m Going Deezo 2X” by Murk-233 Votes

“T.S.I.M. Welcome to the End” by Ill Child-213 Votes

“Caution” by Shi Shi Sakari-210 Votes

“Tru Grit” by King Kliff-201 Votes

“D.A.W.B. (Dirty Ass White Boy)” by Jimmy Hooligan-196 Votes

“Miseducated Scholar” by Marcey Yates-179 Votes

“Bottom of the Cave (1&2)” by Caveman Gang-164 Votes

“Lawless 2” by Jayy Topp-157 Votes

“F.U.N. 3 Fun World” by FUN Gang-155 Votes

“The Mixtape Before the Album” by Shook On3 & Galvanized Tron-147 Votes

“Out of the Basement” by Troublesome Two (Lucid and Friday)-143 Votes

“The 9th Ward” by Ak Gunna hosted by Mista Soull-131 Votes

“Welcome to the Dynasty” by Midwest Princess-113 Votes

“Threat II Society” by Latin Threat-104 Votes

“Big World Small Talk” by Black Diamond Mafia-85 Votes

“W.I.N.G.S. by Scru Face Jean-84 Votes

“The Zick Tape” by Jonny Knogood-83 Votes

“Daydreams by Kid Dex-69 Votes

“Glasses” by K-So-68 Votes

“Solo Mobbin” by Trill Lee-63 Votes

“Everything Changes” by Caboose-58 Votes

“Heavily Medicated” by TaeBo-57 Votes

“No Such Thing as a Free Lunch 2” by Breezobama-53 Votes

“D.O.M.E. (Death of My Ego)” by Atilli-49 Votes

“Los Melosoficos” by Melaza Music Inc-31 Votes

Best Original Album

“Unexpected” by Nz Tante-443 Votes

“Carmelo” by Murk-262 Votes

“Tru Grit” by King Kliff-233 Votes

“Rose Petals & Rose” by Chiffy-227 Votes

“Love Chronicles” by Dominique Morgan-198 Votes

“V.S.O.P. Emotions of a Roller Coaster Volume 2” by Taggiz-174 Votes

“A Hustler’s Story” by Latin Threat-165 Votes

“Training Camp” by Emeka-163 Votes

“High on Life” by Ellmatiq P-Tro-125 Votes

“Life” by Digga DJ-118 Votes

“Outerhaven” by Danny Che-117 Votes

“Bumbles and Bangers” by Lon Meezy-99 Votes

“Rastapacalypse” by AJ the Dread-66 Votes

“Different” by I.S.O. aka Reali-T-61 Votes

“Chosen O.NE” by Boba Lue-54 Votes

“True Definition of No Gud” by No Gud Da S.I.M.P.-48 Votes

“T Vrus” by I.S.O. aka Reali-T-47 Votes

“Lifers 2” by Purveyors of Conscious Sound-45 Votes

Best Female R&B

Mz Newbraska-734 Votes

Kiki Williams-585 Votes

Dani Cleveland-409 Votes

Cristina B.-401 Votes

Recess-286 Votes

Jazzy-283 Votes

Ms. Sophia-269 Votes

Vashauna Evans-149 Votes

Best Latin Artist

Latin Threat-743 Votes

Guerrilla X-548 Votes

Billy the Kidd-485 Votes

Thizz Latin (Omaha)-379 Votes

Stylo da Don-266 Votes

Thomas Contreras-197 Votes

M.O.C.-177 Votes

Jailer-V & Premo from Melaza Music Inc.-121 Votes

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Saint Mic


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